Precision Grinding & Sharpening
sharpening sales & service of industrial machine knives


I have been working in the tire recycling business for 15 years now. Myself like many others have had many opportunities to do business with multiple companies claiming to do a better or as good of a job for less money. I have unfortunately tried some of them. I never took long to find out what was supposed to be cheaper cost me more in the end and I’d have to hang my head and go back to Precision Grinding. There have been times that they had to remove the “cheaper bad” from my knives and redo them. Kent, Lori and the Precision employees have always been there to take of my need in a fast and professional manner, a good quality job and product/service. I am proud to have them on my team, one less worry and I know when they do a job for me it will be done right.

Larry D. Lange
General Manager
Ridge Recyclers Inc.