Precision Grinding & Sharpening
sharpening sales & service of industrial machine knives

Maintaining Your Equipment

Precision Grinding and Sharpening can re-build and re-sharpen all of your low speed, high torque shredder knives and spacers.

Utilizing our proprietary materials and processes, we can bring your old knives back to life with the optimum balance of wear resistance and ductility to provide you with the most durable, longest lasting shredder knives available.

When shredder knives and spacers are alternated at the recommended intervals, they can be rebuilt many times, saving you a substantial amount of money versus buying new replacement knives and spacers.Your shredder knives and spacers can be brought back to the original specifications or can be ground down and new components added to ensure correct stack height.

Our customers not only utilize our services for their new and rebuilt shredder tooling requirements but also to draw on our expertise in the specification of the correct steel and design criterion for their application.

We currently have more than 50 tenured and dedicated craftsmen that ensure your shredder knives, spacers and fingers are of the highest quality and built to your exacting specifications. Our standard is to hold tolerances to under 0.0005".

We use our proprietary PG 1 hard facing on the majority of the knives we manufacture. This exclusive metallurgical composition was developed after years of research and development in real world testing.


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We can rebuild and sharpen knives that exceed OEM specifications for all low speed, high torque shredders, including but not limited to the following brands.

  • SSI
  • Shred-Tech
  • Saturn
  • Weima
  • Untha
  • Mitts & Merrill
  • Satrind
  • Erdwich
  • ERS
  • Eidal
  • Artech
  • BCA
  • Prdator
  • Raptor
  • American Pulverizer
  • Jordan